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Therapeutic Riding, or adaptive riding, is gaining popularity as an alternative therapy method for those with cognitive, social, emotional, and physical disabilities. Riders participate in mounted and unmounted sessions to work on muscle tone, spatial awareness, ability to concentrate, hand-eye coordination, socialization, and participating in a sport.

*Adaptive riding requires clearance from a medical professional in order to participate. 

We also offer more specific session-based programs:
From Battle to Barn Veteran Program

The PATH to Recovery Program

Fostering Love Foster Care Program

What to Expect During a Session


Participants will first have an intake meeting with Julie to ensure the program meets their needs as a rider and to set progress goals. 


During a typical session, participants can expect to learn grooming and how to tack up a horse, walk and trot, horseback scavenger hunts, relays, cavaletti exercises, and attentive instruction for proper balance and positioning. 

Riders will be accompanied by one or two side walkers, who are there to assist students with mounted games and activities, dismounting, and balancing. A leader is used for your safety and to follow through in assisting with your cues if needed. As students progress, the aids are modified to allow you as much independence as safely possible.


Private hour: $90

Private ½ hour: $55

Check with your social services organization or insurance company for session coverage options. 

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