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Physical Therapy

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The natural movement of a horse at the walk can provide tremendous amounts of input to those needing physical therapy in a fun and unique way. Physical therapy sessions, traditionally called Hippotherapy, are provided by a licensed Physical Therapist, who is certified through the American Hippotherapy Association (AHA).


The natural movement of a horse offers many effective therapeutic benefits to clients including:
1) facilitation of movement 

2) postural stability

3) balance and coordination

4) strengthening
5) motor planning and control

6) sensory regulation.


What to expect:


Clients will be evaluated by the Physical Therapist to determine gross motor needs and goals. A treatment plan will be developed to achieve successful outcomes. Weekly sessions will consist of therapeutic activities and exercises utilizing the horse’s movement to enhance motor learning outcomes which carryover into daily living. Clients will need a prescription from their medical physician. Physical Therapy sessions will consist of 30-45 minute sessions.


Please note that we do not bill insurance directly, but clients are encouraged to self-submit receipts for reimbursement from their insurance provider.

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