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Horses for Healing: Yvette's Legacy

This program was inspired by Yvette Gallacchi, a lifelong horse lover and a supporter of A Dapple a Day who lost her battle to cancer in the fall of 2023. We hope to share her love of horses with others going through teatment to honor her.


This 4 week, group class is designed to provide a healing and relaxing space for those who are currently or have previously undergone cancer treatment. Led by ESMHL Karen Johannsen, participants will spend 2 hours each week working with their care horse on all aspects of horsemanship. This groundwork based class (meaning no riding involved) will allow participants to learn about equine behavior and movement, communication, and enjoy the healing nature horses can provide. 

Treatment for cancer is expensive enough- we provide this class is free to participants. Admission for this course is open for the spring through fall. Contact us to learn more or sign up!

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