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Sophia is a tri-colored paint in her early 20s that came to us as a rescue horse in need of a permanent home. She was very skinny and in need of medication for some long term health issues. She is a graceful mover with a lot of energy, and has a sweet disposition.  She is a Quarab, or part Arabian and part American Painted Pony registered in both breed registries. Sophia does well as a groundwork lesson horse, and in our Therapeutic riding program.


Bixby is a 17 year old miniature horse who was donated to our program by a generous veteran. He loves being groomed and getting pampered. You will often find him snuffling in pockets for treats! He is perfect  for those who are timid around horses.


Ellie is a 19 year old mare who came to our program via donation with her buddy Bixby. She is an American Painted Pony who has a lovely disposition. She loves being around children (especially when you have an apple for her!) and is one of our sweetest girls. She specializes in giving young riders their first experiences in the saddle. 


Sky was our handsome Saddlebred who passed away July 2023. He was donated to ADAD the fall of 2020 and was loved by every visitor to the farm. When Junie needed a parental figure, Sky stepped up to the plate and took her under his wing. As an older, calmer gelding, we loved to pair him with our new riders due to his patient disposition and willing attitude. We are so grateful to have had him with us for 3 years as a reliable and safe mount and wonderful step-in parent for Junie.  


Lily is a our 11 year old Belgian Draft horse who was rescued from slaughter. She is an alpha mare with opinions on everything! Working with her teaches students how to be firm but fair, and on setting clear intentions. She is a wonderful teacher to many! She is our biggest horse, standing at 16.3 hh.


This little Shetland pony is 7 years old and Amish raised. She is as quiet and polite as they come when working, but has a sassy side in her field. She pulls a cart and can give lessons to little ones.


Danny is a 26 year old Quarter Horse with a lot of personality- he nudges anyone near him for attention! Danny is the energizer bunny, who likes to get moving. He is owned by board member Karen Johannsen and can be seen either grazing with Karen or following his beloved friend Lilly around the pasture.


Juniper is our first foal at the farm, born to Ginger on May 20th 2022. Juniper (or Junie for short) is an American Painted Pony crossed with a Gypsy Vanner. Orphaned at 7 weeks old, she's a smart cookie with a fighting spirit. While she won't be able to be ridden for a few years, our students are enjoying the opportunity to learn about foals, training from scratch, and learning about Junie's extroverted personality. 

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Our founding horse Ginger, a beautiful painted pony and a farm favorite, passed away July of 2022. As a spunky and opinionated little mare, she pushed Julie to learn about training and communication with horses so much that Julie is now able to teach others these skills. She is the reason A Dapple a Day exists! She passed on her legacy and spunky attitude to her baby Juniper. While Ginger is no longer with us, we have her to thank for laying the foundation for the horsemanship we teach today.


Perla is a 19 year old Thoroughbred who had both a career on the track as well as a career as a Polo horse. She has a quiet and gentle disposition but can really hustle in the arena too. She has come out of retirement to take on a new role teaching intermediate lessons to those learning to trot and canter.


Hank the Tank is owned by a student who is generous enough to share him with us. As an early 20s stocky Morgan/Quarter horse cross, he can carry any size rider. Hank prefers to go slow and steady which makes him great in our therapy program, or for those who need to build their confidence in the saddle. 


Woody is a 27 year old chestnut Quarter horse who is leased to us long term. As a former Double H camp horse, Woody enjoys working with young kids and can be a great confidence booster in the arena learning to trot and canter, on a first trail ride, or in lead line lessons for our special needs programming. 

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Ice Cream is a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner with a big personality. He loves to be the center of attention, which he easily is with his long hair and beautiful feathers! Ice Cream is green, and teaches experienced riders and those interested in Natural Horsemanship training methods. He is also being trained in pulling a cart.

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