ginger pic.png

Ginger is an American painted pony with a gentle but spunky attitude. She is sweet and polite, but can certainly give an attitude if she doesn’t get enough treats and scratches! She started her career as a trail guide pony, but was adopted by Julie and has been her biggest teacher for the past 9 years. She is taking on a new career in teaching others through the therapy program.


Bixby is a 14 year old miniature horse who was donated to our program by a generous veteran. He loves being groomed and getting pampered. You will often find him snuffling in pockets for treats! He is perfect  for those who are timid around horses.


Ellie is a 17 year old mare who came to our program via donation with her buddy Bixby. She is an American Painted Pony who has a lovely disposition. She loves being around people (especially when you have an apple for her!) and is one of our sweetest girls. 


Sky is our handsome 25 year old Saddlebred. He is a retired harness race horse who joined us in fall 2020. He is a total gentleman. We love to pair him with our new riders due to his patient disposition and willing attitude. 


Lily is a our 9 year old Belgian Draft horse who was rescued from slaughter. She is young and loves to play but when it's time to work she mellows down and loves to do her job. She is our biggest horse, standing at 16.3 hh.


This little pony is the newest addition to our program. She is 9 years old and Amish raised. She is as quiet and polite as they come when working, but has a sassy side in her field. She pulls a cart and can give lessons to little ones.


Danny is the newest addition to the herd. He is a 24 year old Quarter Horse with a lot of personality- he nudges anyone near him for attention! Danny is a great teacher, who likes to get moving. He is co-owned by Pam Worobey and a wonderful student.


Juniper is our first foal at the farm, born to Ginger on May 20th 2022. Juniper (or Junie for short) is an American Painted Pony crossed with a Gypsy Vanner. Orphaned at 7 weeks old, she's a smart cookie with a fighting spirit. While she won't be able to be ridden for a few years, our students are enjoying the opportunity to learn about fouls, training from scratch, and learning about Junie's extroverted personality.