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Our training utilizes natural horsemanship techniques, aiming to train calm, responsive, and willing equine partners. Many riders turn to natural horsemanship after feeling like no other method has helped with a problem and find that this method results in a new outlook on their horse’s behavior. Training packages include learning basic ground manners, fixing behavior issues, or starting a young/green horse.


Julie is available to travel to your farm to train your horse independently. Depending on desired level of involvement and to ensure continuity once training has concluded, owners will be asked to participate in a number of sessions.

Horse Stall Portrait


Training board includes 4 hour-long training sessions per week. Pricing includes pasture or full board at Pucker Ridge Farm.

Additional sessions exceeding the included 4 per week will be $30 per hour.


Summer pricing: $700-850 per month  

Winter pricing: $750-900 per month

Training Packages Include


Basic Ground Manners

Behavioral Issues

Starting a Young Horse/Bringing a Horse Back into Work

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