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A Dapple A Day is partnering with the nonprofit Steeds for Valor to offer 3-5 day veteran retreats for combat veterans. Working with horses requires us to stay present, centered, face unfamiliar situations, and remain a competent leader for our horse. This environment can allow those who have post-traumatic stress to process these emotions in an alternative way.




Participants will be provided accommodations on the property during their stay. This program will be provided at no cost to the veteran. For more information, please visit or contact Julie to get started!

What to Expect During a Session

Participants will first meet or chat with Julie to go over participant goals, expectations, and scheduling. During the retreat, participants will be partnered up with both a horse and a volunteer and can expect 8 hours per day of barn time each day. Their equine partner will be their assigned horse for the duration of the retreat. Riders will learn the premise of Natural Horsemanship, the basics horse care and handling, tacking up, experience a join-up process with their horse, and enjoy instructed lessons.

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